Hey guys

Well your time in studio is finally over and we uploaded some new picture from our second week. It was really fun and we have putted alot of afford in it. We will upload some rough mixes the next days aswell.

watch out

Gloria Swanson.

At the end some kind words to Kai Czerwonka with whom we have had such a great time recording our stuff and he has alot of patients with us.


New Studio Picture

Hey Everyone

We just want to provide you with some more studio pictures from December. We are back in Studio during the 18th to 23rd January and currently we are doing some mixdowns and some vocal recordings in Düsseldorf.

watch out

Gloria Swanson



First impressions:


Gloria Swanson

Hello everybody

This blog has the aim to give you currently latest information about the work we are doing right at the moment. At the weekend we are going to perform on Balcony.TV in Hamburg and the week after we are planing one week in studio. Well there we are recording new songs and hopefully a new EP in the near future. We would like to provide you with latest picture or even videos of the work we are doing.

We are looking foward to the next year and are pretty excited what will happen.

We hope for your support and appreciate every response or comment.

Gloria Swanson.